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Welcome to Our New Short Courses Provided by Laser Learning


Welcome to our new short courses, provided by the fantastic Laser Learning.

These courses are available to all. customers of Capture Education can get a 30% discount. Your discount code will have been sent to you directly but if you need it again simply get in contact!

Supporting Assessment for Learning (AfL)

Capture supplied me with an excellent website for my nursery, it’s bright and attractive and easy to use. It provides lots of information about my setting and offers links for parents/carers when using it. Since having the website, I have had a lot more enquires about the nursery and for jobs which is fantastic for business.


I was very happy with the website, all my needs were met, very professional, the design was amazing and everything we asked for was done at a very high standard. The staff at Capture are very friendly, helpful and always communicating with us.