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How to build photo bookS with Capture

A guide for parents via the capture for families app

Photo books from Capture Education

Your child reaches so many milestones in their first precious years. Now you can cherish those forever in a beautiful hardback photo book.

New to the Capture for families app, easily create custom photo books with all the posts made of your children.


There are so many ways to use our photo book feature. You can create a photo book of a child’s observations FOR A SPECIFIC PERIOD OF TIME, OR A WHOLE YEAR, OR EVEN A TRIP OR HOLIDAY.

A4 photo book


create Photo bookS with posts of your own time frame
A4 photo book


Create end of term or year PHOTO BOOKS
A4 photo book


Make Photo bookS of a special event, a trip or holiday 

“An amazing price and the quality is fantastic. Parents are going to love these.

We can’t wait to give them out.”

Quality Printing

photo book

Personalised Cover

Your photo book will feature a title on the cover with photograph on the front and back and a matte printed hardback cover.

photo book

Glossy Pages

Our photo books are printed on heavy weight glossy paper throughout, for added quality.

FROM only £16.40 plus vat per photo book

photo books

The perfect gift

Our photo books offer the unique opportunity for you to share your child’s memories with family.
Created from the observations you make with Capture, we will print a high quality photo book, which you can offer to your parents as keepsakes or gifts.
Photo Books 1

Step 1 | Start: Access the photo book menu via the ‘family tab’ and select the ‘photo books’ option. Tap ‘create photo book’ to make a new photo book.

Tip: From this screen, you can also create an order from previously made photo books.

Photo Books 2

Step 2 | Create: Select what your photo book is going to contain. Create a title and select the children you want to include.

Then tap ‘create new’ to make your photo book.

Photo Books 3

Step 3 | Preview: Once your photo book has been created you can select preview to view a virtual photo book. Tap ‘back’ to return to the photo books menu.

Photo Books 4

Step 4 | Order: From the photo book menu (step 1) tap ‘create order’, then add your delivery and payment details to order your photo book.

Enjoy your photo book
delivery takes around 2-3 weeks

Photo Book FAQ

How big are the books?

The books are A4 landscape size. 278mm Wide by 204mm high

How many pages are the books?

The book has a minimum of 20 internal pages 

How much is a photobook?

The books start at £16 + VAT for the 20 pages. Additional pages are £0.46 + VAT per additional 2 pages

How much is shipping?

We only charge £6.50 + VAT for shipping regardless of the number of books in an order

How easy are they to create?

The books are really easy to build. You simply create a title, which is applied to all books in the order, then select the children for whom you want the books generated, finally pick the dates you wish the book to build observations from and to. Then click create. 

Once the books have been created then you can preview each book. When you are happy you select the books to add to the order, add your delivery address and make the payment.

How long do they take?

You can create a photobook in under 1 minute.

How long does it take to get the books delivered?

We guarantee delivery within 21 calendar days of your order if the order is placed on a weekday. Normally we would expect deliveries within 14 days but we are unable to guarantee this.

What if they don’t have enough pictures?

If the books are not filled with images we generate space pages at the back so the parent can stick in their own pictures once they have their books

Which observations are included?

We only include observations that are 

  • Marked as report ready or published 
  • Individual observations (so we do not include group observations) 
  • Have at least one image 
  • Videos are not included 


What is included from an observation?

You can pick to include the titles and notes with the observations. We do not include next steps or curriculum information.

Can I remove an observation I don’t like?

No, You are unable to remove observations from the photobooks or customise them.

What guarantees do you offer?

The manufacture of the books is guaranteed to be free from defect and we will happily reprint any books with manufacturing faults within the first 90 days of the order being delivered. For example if the book is delivered damaged or any other manufacturing related fault. Normally images of the defect are sufficient for us to be able to arrange a reprint with no additional costs. After 90 days we will require the defective book to be shipped to our office in Liverpool for review. We regret that damage caused to the book by incorrect handling will not be covered in the guarantee. 

This does not cover images that are printed in the wrong orientation or text not appearing. You are required to have confirmed the books are as you expected by checking in the preview option.

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel orders once they are placed as they will immediately go into our production process. It might be possible to amend an order after it has been placed but we are unable to guarantee this.

How do you select the front cover?

The front and rear cover are the first image in the book that is of a landscape format

order your photo book today
Photo Books 5
order your photo book today 
Photo Books 5
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