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4 Fun crafts to celebrate Christmas at home 1

4 Fun crafts to celebrate Christmas at home

Where has this year gone? I feel Christmas has come around very quickly (but then I say that every year!) I have been very organised and enjoying the festivities. I am looking forward to a quiet few days with my family over the Christmas period.

Over the next few weeks, why not try some of the activities below at home with your children or during the school holidays. We have arts/crafts, decoration making, and festive recipes, both baking, and a nice family favourite. Please feel free to share your pictures with us at Capture – we would love to see your Christmas activity fun.

Cupcake Wrapper Christmas Trees

christmas tree

You will need:

Plain cupcake cases that you can colour/paint green, or, alternatively, if you find green ones you could use these instead. Crafts to decorate, such as paints, crayons, sequins, glue, and a star cut out for the top. Ribbon or string to hang onto the tree.

To make:

Decorate your cupcake cases how you wish to design them, you can be as creative as you like! Once dry, fold the cases into quarters to create a pointed top and stick them together to form the shape of a tree.

Glue your star to the stop and either tape a looped ribbon/string to the back or make a small hole to thread through, tying a small knot at the top, to allow it to hang on the tree as a decoration.

Cotton Wool Snowman

christmas snowman

You will need:

A white card or cotton wool depending on your preferred choice. I have stated cotton wool, but the picture here is a white card. Paper to mount the snowman onto if making it into a Christmas card, or you can just make the snowman and use it as a tree decoration instead. Different coloured paper/card for the buttons, eyes/nose, crafts to decorate, and a pair of scissors. A little sparkle/glitter finishes it off nicely and adds a festive touch.

To make:

Cut out two circles using the card to make the head/body of the snowman. You can then either stick cotton wool onto the white card to make more of a ‘snow effect’ or decorate straight onto the paper. Once decorated, either hang on your tree by using ribbon at the top. Alternatively, stick onto a folded A4 piece of card and continue making a Christmas card instead – it is always lovely to receive a homemade card at this time of year!

Mistletoes Christmas Card

4 Fun crafts to celebrate Christmas at home 2

You will need:

A piece of A4 card (white is a good choice for this, otherwise a neutral colour) and a selection of paints (green for the footprints) and a paintbrush. Other arts/crafts to decorate of your choosing. This picture on the right is an example, but once you have created your ‘foot mistletoe’, you can decorate the rest of your card how you wish (paints, crayons, glitter…) I like the yellow polka dot paint effect in the picture. Sometimes less is more, so maybe keep the design around the painted feet simple and personalise your own festive message inside.

To make:

Fold the card in half. Paint the soles of your child’s feet with green paint, you may be able to do this with them sitting on a chair depending on their age. For older children, they could stand on the card to create the footprints. Otherwise, just gently hold the foot to the card to make the imprint. Create two as shown in the picture to make a mistletoe. Once dry, draw on a hanging effect to the top of the card (as shown in the red ribbons here) and continue to decorate with your chosen crafts – and then you have created your very own mistletoe card! A great idea to give to Mums, Dads, and family/friends this Christmas.

Top tip: Another idea if you wish to make this into a decoration to keep, instead of a card, you could paint the feet onto a A4 blank canvas instead and once dry, have it on display at Christmas time. You can usually buy these canvases for a reasonable price in craft stores or online.

Check out our Christmas Pinterest Boards for more craft ideas!

4 Fun crafts to celebrate Christmas at home 3

Gingerbread Biscuits

You will need: (Makes approximately 15)

225g plain flour, plus a little for dusting

½ tsp salt

2 tsp bicarbonate soda

1 heaped tsp ground ginger

½ teaspoon cinnamon

50g unsalted butter

100g soft brown sugar

100g golden syrup

Gingerbread person shaped cutter


Heat oven to 190C/170C and line a baking tray with baking parchment. Sieve the flour, salt, bicarb, ginger, and cinnamon into a large bowl. Heat the butter, sugar, and syrup until dissolved. Leave the sugar mixture to cool slightly, then mix into the dry ingredients to form a dough. Chill the dough in the fridge for 30 mins. On a lightly dusted surface, roll out the dough to around ¼-inch thickness. Cut out the gingerbread men shapes with a cutter, then re-roll and repeat. Place your gingerbread shapes on the lined trays, allowing space in between. Cook for 10-15 mins, then remove from the oven and leave to cool. Enjoy!



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