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Introduction to Baby Yoga with Caroline Blair 1

Introduction to Baby Yoga with Caroline Blair

Welcome to Baby Yoga with Caroline Blair! Caroline has a certification in Baby Yoga and Massage course through an organisation called ‘Hands on Babies’.

A Note from Caroline

Over the Summer holidays, as I had some time off from University, I decided to complete a Baby Yoga and Massage course through an organisation called ‘Hands on Babies’. The course was great and very informative from start to finish.

Introduction to Baby Yoga with Caroline Blair 2

I study Social Work now, but with a background in Childcare and a love of yoga (I regularly practice myself), it is a course I had been interested in completing for a while. Combining my childcare/early years’ experience, with my passion for yoga/baby massage, seemed a good fit. It can be hard to fit in time for extra professional development at times, so I took advantage of the spare time, especially with the pandemic meaning I have been working from home more also. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to complete it.

I am now a qualified Baby Yoga and Massage instructor and I am looking forward to using it in practice. Currently, I am a little unsure of which direction I will take with it just yet, however, I believe it should fit in around my studies well and I am eager to use the new skills I have developed. Possibly online options for now, which face to face classes being trickier currently.

During the course, I learned many facts about the history of yoga, its benefits for both young babies, children, and adults. The Baby Yoga poses/movements to strengthen the core and limbs, which can greatly help with their physical development. It is also a great way of building emotional development too and encouraging that bonding process between baby and parent/carer. The interaction and time you are having together during the yoga/massage sessions really engages you with your little one and is a wonderful activity to do together. It may not be for everyone, but you could give it a try sometime if you have not already. Even at home as a lot of classes/tutorials have gone online for now. Just ensure you are following a qualified instructor and do not try anything you do not feel confident in/ensure you have had the benefits/cautions of every movement explaining beforehand.

The way we engage with yoga and massage on babies is obviously extremely gentle and different from what we would do as an adult. Very soft touch and gentle movements, so although I recommend you try a class and the benefits it can bring to both you and baby, do not attempt anything you are unsure of.

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