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How to navigate the return to childcare in your setting. 1

How to navigate the return to childcare in your setting.

With lockdown stating to ease and childcare providers permitted to provide a childcare service to early years children again, we are looking at the return to childcare and starting to plan for the new normal and ways in which we can navigate a safe, secure and welcoming return for our children.

They have become accustomed to a life at home, while for some this may be a settling environment, for some who crave a more social environment it may have been a more challenging time.

How can we support our children with a smooth return to nursery or childminders?

Encourage parents to discuss nursery with their children and what they remember about their time at nursery. Do they have a favourite activity such as playing outdoors or time at the water station. Encourage discussions about their favourite part of the day and encourage positive thoughts about their nursery environment including key workers and their friends.

navigate the return to childcare: The Nursery Day

Drop off: Encourage parents to drop their children off quickly. We know they tend to settle quicker.

Changes: Encourage parents to let you know of any changes to their routine so these can be continued as much as possible in nursery and you can try to minimise disruption for the children.

Share: Many children will have reached new milestones throughout lockdown such as walking, counting or shape recognition. Encourage parents to share this so you can encourage and continue their learning journal.

Further Reading

We have included some great resources which might help you.

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FREE Resource

We have designed a little ‘All About Me’ booklet which is ideal for parents to complete at home and share with you or you could complete with the children when they return. It’s a nice activity and helps you learn about what the children have been up to and their new milestones.

How to navigate the return to childcare in your setting. 2



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