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3 Fun Daily Activities 1
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3 Fun Daily Activities

Over the past weeks we have all adjusted to a new normal; Staying indoors with the exception of a daily walk. This can be challenging, especially with small children who don’t understand why things have suddenly changed, why they cant go to the park or see friends.

We have all had to find new ways to keep busy little minds occupied with daily activities. Im sure by now you have exhausted many activities! We have some great little activities to help occupy little ones, with great printable resources too!

Daily Activities 1: Mini Beast Hunt

As our daily walks have become such an anticipated part of the day, we thought a mini beast hunt would be a perfect activity for little ones. You could even do this activity in the garden. Which little beast are hiding under rocks or plant pots.

3 Fun Daily Activities 2
Mini Beast Hunt Activity
3 Fun Daily Activities 3

Daily Activities 2: Rock Painting and hunt

This is such a lovely activity with children of any age. Wile on your daily walk, collect rocks of all different shapes and sizes, take them home to paint and decorate and then when you next go on your walk you can dot them around for people to find. Count how many you hide and see how many are found by other people.

3 Fun Daily Activities 4

Daily Activities 3. Water Painting

This is a great activity without the mess! Children can paint onto anything; paving slabs, walls or windows. Find pots, spray bottles, paint brushes, makeup brushes (washed) or anything you have lying around and let children use their imagination to paint.

3 Fun Daily Activities 5
Water Painting Activity
3 Fun Daily Activities 6



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