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Celery Fish Rainbow Stamp – 3 Free Fish Prints – Easy EYFS Resource

This week we have put together an EYFS resource you can get creative with in your setting. This resource includes using a celery stick as a stamp which is fantastic for fine motor skills. At the end of the activity why not encourage some fun messy play?

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Curriculum Areas Covered

Physical Development

Expressive Arts and Design

Eyfs Resource - Celery Fish 1

You Will Need

  1. Paint (various colours)
  2. Celery
  3. Paper or thin card
  4. Felt tip pens
  5. Googly eyes
  6. Print Capture free eyfs resource fish images
Eyfs Resrouce - Celery Fish 2


Start by drawing a fish shape using a felt tip pen, or printing a fish template from the internet. Put the paints into separate dishes and cut a celery stick into several pieces a couple of inches in length. Dip a piece of celery in one of the paint colours and stamp onto the fish shape, starting near the head. Change the piece of celery and colour for each row until you have created lots of rows of colourful scales.

Stick a googly eye on your fish and add any other details, such as fins or bubbles using a felt tip pen. Allow to dry. Why not create a shoal of colourful fish to brighten up your early years setting?

Eyfs Resrouce Celery Fish 3

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